#2033 – SOTU STFU

Oh, how I yelled at the TV.


#1577 – Civil War


There are entirely too many things wrong with Trump’s statements on the Civil War.  The nonsense about Andrew Jackson (that genocidal ass), the whole “why did the Civil War happen?” idiocy is just…well, idiocy.

On the other hand, it does make me feel like my job is apparently of absolutely no value, since we’re all just making up our own history now I guess.

#1375 – Rum RNC

I know there are conservatives who follow the comic, and I try not to get political, but the notion of a Trump presidency terrifies and disgusts me. He’s the gross vomit-flavored cotton candy of candidates: there’s no real substance to anything that he says, and consuming too much of his stuff in one sitting will make you so sick to your stomach.