Sketch a Day, Day 269


While we enjoyed our visit out west, it was nice to finally get home and do things like sleep in our own bed and not have to spend hours sitting in the car anymore.

Well, back to non-travelogue comics now.


Sketch a Day, Day 266


We brought my brother and sister-in-law’s cat to my wife’s aunt and uncle’s farm today. The poor thing had not adjusted to life in Kansas City (in a small apartment) well after being a mostly-outdoor cat for most of her life. We’ve got her out in the barn here, and she loves it.

Sketch a Day, Day 264


As our trip draws to a close, I reflect back on all the things we’ve done, all the sights we’ve seen, all the people we’ve visited, all the…meals we’ve eaten.

I’ll be honest, I love visiting my family and getting to spend time with them, but I also really love getting to eat all the stuff I can’t find back in northern
Virginia. Like good biscuits and gravy. Or a Sonic.

Sketch a Day, Day 263


I got to eat at my hometown donut shop on Saturday. This may not seem like a big deal, except it’s the best damn donut shop ever. I’ve elaborated a bit in today’s sketch.

The birthday donuts are a real thing, but I think it only really applies to my family. Joan, the woman who runs the place, has never made them for anyone else, not even her own kids (or grand kids, even). We are like better than family, I guess.

Sketch a Day, Day 262


Honestly, if it’s not a day when I have to go somewhere, I’ve basically gone barefoot on this trip. It’s been glorious, for I hate wearing shoes.

By contrast, my grandmother is so anti-bare feet, she wears shoes even inside the house.