Hey, everyone! I’m alive! Alive and distance teaching for the remainder of the school year. It’s been challenging so far, what with technical issues and just sitting at home every day and never going anywhere ever. I hadn’t realized how much I relied on external structure for my day to day life (I come to this realization about once every six months, for those keeping records).

One thing that’s helped has been playing Animal Crossing. Both Michelle and Meredith got Nintendo Switch Lites and the game, so we’re all playing together and helping each other out. It’s very relaxing, though trying to get everything juuuuust riiight can be challenging and frustrating.


#2144 – More In-Service


For our Wednesday in-service, the social studies department invited several scholars and historians from the local community and a bunch of older alumni and alumnae from Falls Church High School to come speak with us. It was a neat lesson in local history, and my favorite part was definitely just listening to the old timers tell stories of their glory days. It reminded me of both of my grandfathers, who are consummate storytellers.