The Pull List – April 14th

Comics! Really, that says it all.

Booster Gold #31: I didn’t actually intend to pick this up (I wanted to start getting the series next month, when Giffen and DeMatteis take over with all the “bwahaha” that entails). It’s the last issue written and drawn by Dan Jurgens, and it’s really just a send-off for him. There’s not a whole lot of substance to the story: Booster fights against some nameless mooks, there’s some collateral damage, Booster feels frustrated about it, and then everything ends up getting fixed up nice by the end. It’s a straight-forward end to Jurgens’s run, but it’s a nice end.

Secret Six #20: Catman gets mad and starts tracking the folks who threatened to kill his son. It ain’t pretty, the Six split over what to do about Catman running off, and you generally get the sense that there’s going to be some hell to pay in the issues to come. Another fantastic issue from Simone, though this one does lack a lot of the trademark humor we’ve come to expect from the title.

Green Hornet: Year One #2: A little more back story on the original Green Hornet and his companion, Kato, and a couple steps closer to their inevitable first meet-up. Plus some mobsters get beaten up. Wagner’s script doesn’t do much of anything new (especially if you’ve read any of his Sandman Mystery Theatre), but that doesn’t mean it’s not good. The art’s fantastic and fits perfectly, too.

Atomic Robo: Revenge of the Vampire Dimension #2: Atomic Robo continues to be one of the best reasons to read comics. Great dialogue, giant monsters, a mecha with a rail gun…what’s not to love? I’m not sure how this connects to the first issue in this particular series, but I’m sure all will be made clear by the end.

This week, I also picked up the fourth volume of Fables and the second omnibus of Starman. Both are fantastic, and the Starman collection includes a crossover with Sandman Mystery Theatre (see how I brought it all back around full circle?).

Weekend Reading

Haven't we already been through this once this winter?This is the view out the back door of my townhouse at 10:00 AM this morning. The view from the front is much the same. We’re snowed in, baby, so it’s a weekend of reading and enjoying the warmth of our townhouse until the power cuts out and we’re left to huddle together under blankets for warmth. So what, exactly, am I reading? Well…

Runaways, Volume 1: I’ve read these before, but I felt this would be a great time to sit down and re-read the three digest-sized trades of Brian K. Vaughn’s first Runaways story. The second volume was alright, and I haven’t had a chance to read anyone else’s stuff with the characters, but this first 18-issue arc was fantastic. It’s nice to see kids portrayed in a way that isn’t condescending or makes them seem like they’re just adults with acne. And the anime/managa-influenced art is pretty solid, though the characters’ mouths open tremendously wide sometimes. Like, freakishly so.

Booster Gold, Vol. 3 – Reality Lost: I rather dug the Booster Gold stuff Geoff Johns wrote in the first two trades of this title, so went ahead and picked up the third trade yesterday before Snowpocalypse 2: Electric Boogaloo got underway. It’s not bad; not nearly as good as the stuff in the first two trades, but the art (by Booster Gold creator Dan Jurgens) is still top-notch, and there’s some neat little ideas running around in it. Can’t wait for Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis to get ahold of the title in the coming months.

No Hero: I’m a big Warren Ellis fan, and this is supposed to be classic Ellis: over-the-top violence, weird concepts, snarky dialogue, the works. Can’t wait to dig into it.

The Starman Omnibus, Volume 1: I’ve heard phenomenal things about this, James Robinson’s opus, and picked up the first volume of the set to see what I think. It’s pretty awesome so far. I’ll definitely be picking up the rest of the set as they come out (they’re up to number 4 of 6 so far, right?).

John Stuart Mill’s On Liberty and Utilitarianism: What, I’m not allowed to read something deep and intellectual? I’m not all fights and tights, folks. There’s hidden depths here. Plus, I just really like a philosophy built around the idea of “if it doesn’t hurt someone else, you should be able to do it.” And yes, that’s an oversimplification, but it’s early still and I haven’t had breakfast yet.