“I Wish You Would”

Sorry about the radio silence. I haven’t been able to pick up new comics from last week yet (stupid paycheck not clearing yet), so to tide you over, here’s a demo of a song I worked up a few weeks ago. Also, if you’re in the market to hear more of my singing, my brother and I have put together a Facebook page for our band, Cross-Eyed Yeti. Go visit, Like it, and check out some of our songs (there are at least three or four of them posted over there now). For now, though, enjoy this little ditty:

I Wish You Would

Rock and Roll Music

Hey, I finally added some extra storage space to the blog, meaning I can now post audio files.

So yeah, have some music.

This first song is one I wrote and recorded myself (with the exception of the guitar solo, which was conceived and played by one of my students at school). I’m pretty damn pleased with how the song turned out; all I really need is some drums (and possibly the ability to play said drums. But that goes without saying, I think, even if I did just say it).

Anyway, enjoy the song, and let me know what you think. I’ll be adding more and probably creating a specific Music Page here pretty soon.

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