On Snow Days

We’ve been laid up under a rather thick blanket of snow for the past several days here in Northern Virginia. As I type, there’s more snow falling. We’re supposed to get somewhere between 10 and 20 inches of snow tonight and tomorrow.

Now, as a teacher, this basically means I haven’t been at work since Thursday, and that’s not likely to change anytime this week. We’ve actually been out of school more since the new quarter started (way back last Monday) than we’ve been in class. Admittedly, I’m okay with having extra days off, we are going to have to make up a bunch of these days. We’re definitely losing our Presidents’ Day break, and we’ll probably lose our teacher work days in April and June as well.

My deepest fear is that they’ll take away Spring Break. I’ve got plans, man. This stupid Snowpocalypse is driving me nuts.