Sketch a Day, Day 590


Went to a birthday party for a friend of ours tonight whose mother is Chilean. The food…was mostly meats, and all delicious.

There was tres leches cake for dessert. Not dos leches, or quatro leches, but tres leches.


Sketch a Day, Day 588


I’m in the middle of reading the first book in the X-Wing series, which is admittedly not high literature. Not that the Wife has any room to judge, given her love for crappy vampire fiction.

Sketch a Day, Day 584


I apologize for the sudden radio silence. With my sister-in-law’s wedding and reception this weekend, we were suddenly invaded by a horde of Brancos. They all came over to my house Friday night for dinner, and then we had the actual reception Saturday night. At meant two very long, very exhausting days in a row where I just couldn’t get anything drawn, I should’ve able to get back on track now, though.

The reception went well, aside from various Brancos vying for control of the playlist. I ultimately won out, though not without effort.