Sketch a Day, Day 36

Today is, sadly, the last day of my Winter Break. I can feel work looming over me, threatening to crush me with its weight of responsibility and, y’know, work. But, I’m an adult. I know work cannot be avoided. That doesn’t mean I want to go quietly into that good night. Or to work, for that matter.

Also, have I mentioned I’ll take suggestions for things to draw for the sketch? ‘Cause I will. Take suggestions, that is.

It looms. It LOOOOOOOMS!

Sketch a Day, Day 30

Here we are at the 30th sketch! I’m pretty excited. For today’s doodle, I did a version of myself as a Sim. I’ve been playing a ridiculous amount of the Sims 3 the past day or two, and it sorta got into my head. It’s how I’ve spent most of the past twenty-four hours, probably. I’m pretty proud of the shading on the shirt, though the pants didn’t turn out like I wanted. Such is life.


Sketch a Day, Day 29

Sorry this post is late. We had a busy day of bowling and Muppet movies yesterday. Also, I played Sims 3 a hell of a lot. I think it’s an addiction.

Anyway, yes, watched the Muppets last night. Thought the movie was great. Today’s sketch is of me. As a Muppet. Because Muppets are awesome.

My sisters-in-law take all of their reaction cues from the Muppets.

Sketch a Day, Day 17

I usually draw pretty small. I mean, everything I’ve been posting in these daily sketches fits on a 3″x5″ index card. So today’s sketch is an effort to start thinking bigger. It still fits on an index card, but it’s a close-up self portrait. I also inked this one using a brush pen instead of my usual gel-ink ballroller. I’ve always been fascinated by the variation in line width you can get with a brush pen, and I’ve been trying to learn how to use them for awhile. I think I’m starting to get the hang of it.

I look...angry. Which I'm usually not. But I always look angry in my sketches. Hmm...