#1346 – Guns Are Literally the Worst

Longish rant shad, but here we go:

What happened in Orlando…why is is the only country where this sort of shit happens on a regular basis? 

Let’s take a look at that damn 2nd Amendment the NRA seems to pleasure itself to. It talks about a well-regulated militia and the right to bear arms (note that it says bear arms, not own them). That amendment was created over 200 years ago, when guns were highly inaccurate and stood a good chance of not firing when you pulled the trigger. 

We live in a culture that glorifies violence, that tells people it’s okay to solve your problems with a gun. We wring our hands and say, “what is to be done?” Apparently the answer is, “nothing.” Over and over, this happens, and over and over we do nothing. We offer “thoughts and prayers,” but no solutions. No changes. 

Some folks talk about remaining faithful to the Framers’ Intent, as though what a bunch of aristocratic slaverowners who died 200 years ago should dictate our every action. Look, the Constitution was made to be a living document. That was the whole point of the damn thing: to be flexible and change with the times. It’s why there’s an amendment process. We’ve decided owning another person is wrong. We’ve decided women and folks ho aren’t white deserve to have the right to vote. Times change. You really think an assault rifle is going to protect you when the military can kill you with a robot like you’re a bad guy in a video game? Wake up, folks. You don’t need an assault rifle, and this shit doesn’t have to happen here.

#737 – Rejection


Submitted a short story to a magazine a few weeks ago. It was rejected, unfortunately, but the editor who emailed me did have some kind things to say and some useful constructive criticism. Ultimately, I won’t be sitting in my underwear, eating a tub of cookie dough ice cream, and crying, but I won’t say I’m not disappointed.