Sketch a Day, Day 438


I usually try to keep away from controversial topics around here, because that’s not really the point of the blog or the comics. But sometimes things are just so damn ridiculous, I feel I have to comment,

So today, there was a whole thing on Twitter about a hashtag men’s rights advocates (MRA’s, for short) were using, #ineedmasculinismbecause. The whole idea of MRA is pretty absurd, if you think about it: dudes have it pretty easy in this world compared to women, and the whole thing really just smacks of the same asinine “my business is more important than yours” bullshit that you get with folks complaining about affirmative action (does anyone seriously believe a kid raised in the inner city by poor parents has the same chances at success and a quality education as I did growing up in the middle class suburbs in Oklahoma? If so, can I also sell them some sea monkeys and a nice piece of beachfront real estate in the Sahara?). I know that, as a white middle class male, the way I see the world and the way the world perceives me is different than if I were a different race or female or not heterosexual. So this nonsense about men being oppressed that MRA’s seem to having going just…gets up my nose, as it were.

Anyway, it’s okay, really, because a bunch of feminists got ahold of the hashtag and turned it into a wonderfully hilarious farce.