Sketch a Day, Day 106

I don't think I quite got her face right here.

My birthday presents arrived today, apparently, even though my birthday isn’t until the end of March (the 27th, to be exact). My wife, though, was too excited for me open the presents and insisted I had to open them all today.

What she got me all turned out to be pretty damn awesome. First, she got me some Prismacolor markers (in actual colors, not my usual grayscale ones) and a blender marker (apparently the liquid in the blender marker helps to blend colors together or something. I’ll have to do some research on that one). She also got me a Star Wars Moleskine journal, which is pretty freakin’ awesome. So yeah, birthday is going pretty well so far, even if it is still two weeks and a bit away.

Sketch a Day, Day 28

Here we are, a whole four weeks into the daily sketches. It’s also Christmas! We spent the holiday with my wife’s parents, who always order Chinese food for Christmas dinner (I personally miss the Christmas ham my family always fixes back in Oklahoma, but what can you do? At least my wife made the sausage balls that’re part of my family’s Christmas tradition). One of the neat things I got for Christmas was a set of Prismacolor grayscale markers, which I used to ink today’s sketch. They’re a little too thick for inking something so small, but I think it’ll be fun figuring out how to do shading and a sort of inkwash effect using them down the road.

Ah, presents.