#2175 – Executive Dysfunction


Executive dysfunction is just the absolute bane of my existence. It’s why I can’t keep things organized or keep my space neat.


#2150 – You’re the Inspiration


There’s nothing wrong with an inspirational quote or two now and then, but some of these Youtube Bullet Journal peeps are way too extra about this stuff. And their layouts? I mean, jeez, I just wanna write down when I have an IEP coming up so I don’t forget about it, not plan an invasion of a foreign country.

NaNoWriMo Update #7

Didn’t get a whole heukuva lot written over the weekend, but I did get Part One of the book plotted out very loosely. Very loosely. I am up to 35,500 words, which ain’t half bad, I guess.

Hoping this first part will match up well with the second part, and that it will all feel of a single piece. Time will tell.

Also, anyone wanna edit this behemoth when it’s done?