#1812 – Birthday ’18


It’s my birthday! I am 38. Late 30s. Can’t even pretend they’re mid-30s anymore. But it’s okay! I’m okay with getting older.

Anyway, completely unrelated, my new book is out today! You should go buy it as a present to me.


#842 – Instagram


Seriously, it’s just a social network for photo sharing, right? Doesn’t, like, every other social network platform available do that already? Isn’t that tumblr and Facebook, but with less functionality? I do not get it.

Sketch a Day, Day 385


To all the new folks who’ve shown up today, welcome! It’s mostly jokes about me assassinating/scalping my sister-in-law and how bizarre my wife and her sisters are. Also, I make poor choices, and some people find them amusing. Occasionally, I talk about music (and also, once every so very rarely, I post some of my own).

I can also be followed on Twitter at @XEYeti, where I occasionally say something vaguely clever. If that’s your sort of thing.