The Job Switch Blues

Switching jobs has been, in a number of ways, a difficult transition. There’s the animosity leveled at me by my (now former) boss for leaving the week before inservice (which is actually a pretty common time for teachers to get hired and jump ship), adjusting to a new group of students (about half of whom I already knew, but that leaves the other half to get to know), and adjusting my expectations of behavior and ability in the classroom. The greatest difficulty, however, has been going the month of September without getting paid.

When I changed schools last year, there was overlap in my paychecks for September. I received my last paycheck from School A at the end of August and my first paycheck from School B on September 5th. It was great. This time, though, School B’s last paycheck hit August 20th, and I won’t get my first paycheck from School A until October 5th. Ouch.

That being said, we’re almost a month into the school year and I feel great. I’m in the groove, loving my classes and coworkers, and actually looking forward to going to work every morning. That sense of anxiety I used to experience is just gone.

Possibly most exciting is the start of Clubs tomorrow. We’re doing Music Club (meaning I get to teach kids how to play the guitar again), so I’ll basically get paid to rock out for an hour or so. It’s a joy.