#2040 – The Real Answer


The true answer of my heart.


#823 – Comics Confessions


I honestly think that, if I never read Watchmen ever again, I wouldn’t feel any sort of tremendous loss. Yeah, I understand it’s an important work and all that. I get that it showed comics can tell Serious Stories, though we (comics readers) need to have a conversation as a community about how “serious” apparently has to for some reason include rape.

I mean, is there anyone out there who actually enjoys reading Watchmen? Someone who reads it for pleasure, and not because it’s part of some canon of Serious Graphic Novels?

Weekend Sketch #6 – Packing


I’m starting my packing for my trip out to visit family this week. Packing entails a lot of difficult decisions, like what shirts to take.

In this particular instance, I made the only choice I could, really: I packed both shirts.