#1906 – The Feeding and Care of an Annabelle


We’re hosting my niece, Annabelle, this week. God knows how it’s gonna go.


#1876 – Serving Size


We’ve been trying one of those food service things where you order meals that have everything prepped and you just toss it all together and cook it. Their idea of four servings of pasta was not the same as the Wife’s.

#1393 – All Natural

My doctor seriously went on a spiel about how wheat and other grains are “unnatural” and how our bodies weren’t designed for them, and how humanity is the only species that continues to consume milk products after infancy. Then he handed me two prescritptions for medications that I’m pretty sure aren’t very natural, either.

And honestly, doing unnatural things is sorta mankind’s whole deal. We cook our meat. We wear clothes. We zoom around in a metal box at 60 miles an hour. None of that crap is natural, yo. We’ve been eating grains since the Neolithic Revolution, so I think we can all agree that maybe it works out okay and wheat isn’t the problem with society’s current health crisis.

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