#1392 – We Shall Overcome

Several years ago, I worked at the lest school I’ve ever encountered. The problem wasn’t the students; despite their emotional struggles, the kids were pretty easy to deal with. No, the trouble came from above. The administration were not supportive of the teachers, and one administrator in particular – the curriculum coordinator, my direct supervisor – was the absolute worst. We butted heads constantly throughout the year I worked there, and I was glad to see the end of that year. I gladly burned my bridges with that place. Sadly, she wasn’t standing on an of them at the time.

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The Strangest Damn Dream…

I had the weirdest dream. First, that’s odd because I rarely remember my dreams.

I dreamt I was at school teaching, except it wasn’t the school where I work now, it was the school I taught at last year. But the students were from my current school. And the building was the building that my elementary and middle school was in. I had taken a PE class out for a walk first period(which isn’t when I have PE), and was so late getting back to class that I missed half of 2nd period. One of my students from that class was in the principal’s office but also sitting in the classroom. And to top it off, one of my coworkers from the old school was a student in my class.

I dunno if the lack of sleep or something I ate at the New Year’s party last night just didn’t agree with me, but that dream was weird as hell.