New Song – Rise To (Demo)

It’s been awhile since I felt the urge to dig out the pen and paper and write a song, but said urge grabbed me earlier this week. When the sensation passed, I realized I actually had a whole song. I married it to a very simple chord structure (it’s just two chords in the verse and four in the chorus), and suddenly had something resembling a new song. And now you can hear it with your ear holes, hoo-mans.

Rise To (Demo)

Terra Nova

I feel bad about yesterday’s sketch going up late, so here’s a little song demo thing that I put together awhile back. It was mostly an effort to figure out how to use the drum tracks in Garageband, but I also had a chord progression going through my head that I wanted to get to tape (as it were) before I forgot it. It’s a genre my uncle dubbed “Red Dirt Surf,” a term which I quite like (I mean, Oklahoma doesn’t really have any place you can find waves, but we had plenty of red dirt, and even if I don’t live there anymore, that place is in my bones). Anyway, enjoy “Terra Nova.”

Terra Nova

Last Song of 2011

Yesterday, I sat down and actually got an entire song written from start to finish in under an hour. That doesn’t happen all that often, I have to admit. I’m pretty pleased with the tune, all things considered, though I have to actually do a real recording job on it instead of just this quick demo using the built-in microphone on my laptop. Anyway, enjoy the last song I wrote in 2011.

It’s Over (Demo)