#1872 – Hand Cramp


With school finally over and done with, I was able to concentrate on a couple of massive comic commissions that needed finishing. But it meant I drew a lot of comics on Monday and on into the wee hours of Tuesday morning. This particular comic, for instance, was not completed until 3:00 AM.

I’m gonna go sleep for 90 years now.


#1850 – Cancer


I was asked to do some comics on Fiverr about cancer. Well, originally that’s how it started. After I came up with several options (that were all shot down by the client’s patients), it’s morphed into just a couple of comics that are simply funny and about life. So I’ve probably dodged a karmic bullet there.

#823 – Comics Confessions


I honestly think that, if I never read Watchmen ever again, I wouldn’t feel any sort of tremendous loss. Yeah, I understand it’s an important work and all that. I get that it showed comics can tell Serious Stories, though we (comics readers) need to have a conversation as a community about how “serious” apparently has to for some reason include rape.

I mean, is there anyone out there who actually enjoys reading Watchmen? Someone who reads it for pleasure, and not because it’s part of some canon of Serious Graphic Novels?

Holy Crap, Comics

What with finally getting a paycheck this week, I was able to go and pick up all of last month’s comics. I’m still working my way through them all, so hopefully tomorrow or the next day I’ll have my thoughts on them. So far, though, I will say this: I read way too damn many comics, I think. It’s a huge stack. I’ve been working on them since Thursday night, and I still have three or four left to read.

In other news, I have tomorrow off, thanks to a drunkard who thought he’d reached a completely different continent a few hundred years ago. Way to go, Columbus. Your inability to figure out geography means I don’t have to work on tomorrow.