#2079 – Common People


The Wife is very critical of my sartorial choices.


#1408 – Sans-Culottes

Apparently they are really a thing. Don’t ask me why.

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#1381 – Sartorial Compromises

It’s true, my medication says to avoid direct sunlight (though I did a crap job of that this weekend, as my increasingly tanned neck and arms can attest). I’ve been trying to wear my long-sleeved workout shirts when I know I’m going to be in direct sunlight, but I refuse to wear long pants when the heat index is over 100°.

Mostly, though, I just wanted to use the phrase “hot as balls” in a comic, because it makes me giggle.

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#1363 – Sorting

The Wife and I have debated the merits of pre-sorting clothes before the wash on many occasions. She doesn’t see the point. I get antsy if it isn’t done. I’m the one who does the landury, though, so I end up sorting things. 

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#654 – Getup


I generally wear the exact same style of clothes every day: khakis, a solid-color t-shirt, and a long-sleeved collared shirt with the sleeves rolled up.

Which was exactly what I had on the particular day a student said this to me. I cannot claim to even begin to understand.