#1596 – Gummy


We eat beef jerky at our peril.  And sometimes we have to floss to get it out from between the teeth, but we haven’t flossed in a while and it irritates our gums and causes them to get inflamed and we can’t tell if there’s still beef jerky between our teeth or if our gums have swollen and just happen to have the same texture as beef jerky.


Sketch a Day, Day 375


The Expendables is a pretty awful movie. The plot makes no sense, events happen one after another without regard for things like coherence or clear narrative, and the whole premise of the thing – all those action heroes of the ’80s – is never really delivered on. On top of all that, it lacks the one-lines you’d expect from a film like this, and the fight scenes ain’t even all that great (and the special effects look pretty bad, especially for such a recently-made film).

Also, everyone looks really leathery and stuff. The entire cast seems to be made of beef jerky.