#1640 – Bake and Run


The Great British Baking Show, if you haven’t seen it, is a piece of brilliance.  Amateur bakers from across the UK compete, but in such a genteel and politely British way that it’s super-endearing and very charming.

Also, I do have a friend, Wendy, who is traveling to China soon to teach theater there.  It’s very exciting, and now she can say she’s been in the comic, too.


#1269 – Moral Fiber

The low-carb diet the Wife is doing involves the creation of lots of things using non-traditional flours (made of cocoanut and almond and stuff), and lots of things with this substance called flax seed. The upshot is there is way more fiber in my diet. The poops have been, in fact, amazing.

#631 – Lemony


I made lemon bars on Labor Day for my sister-in-law’s belated birthday family gathering. She and the Wife proclaimed them “adequately lemony,” while the rest of us felt like our faces were imploding.

But damned if they weren’t delicious.

Sketch a Day, Day 163


Allison started her move into a new place this weekend, and while I’ll enjoy having my music room back, I’ll miss having her around. I mean, all those baked goods. And the extra rent money. Man, the extra rent money was awesome.

Sketch a Day, Day 70

My sister-in-law, as I’ve mentioned before, is quite the baker. She’s recently started taking cake decoration classes. Now, I’m not particularly picky about what a cake looks like, if we’re being completely honest, but it does mean she’s going to be baking cakes on a pretty regular basis. Like, a couple times a week.

I am, needless to say, a little pleased with this.

This is pretty much exactly how life around here is.

Sketch a Day, Day 42

Today’s sketch is of my other sister-in-law, Allison. She is the baker of the house, providing us with tasty treats and delicious breads on a pretty constant basis. Hurray for Alby! Also, she got us a lovely weekend trip to a bed and breakfast for our anniversary this coming weekend, so she is the bestest of sisters-in-law.

She has a hat!