#2174 – Job Title


While talking to her sister this evening, Michelle was checking out Derrick’s LinkedIn profile. He’s apparently a Threat Intelligence and Vulnerability Manager, which is a thing? I dunno. I’ve only ever been a teacher, and I’ve never had a LinkedIn profile.

Sketch a Day, Day 163


Allison started her move into a new place this weekend, and while I’ll enjoy having my music room back, I’ll miss having her around. I mean, all those baked goods. And the extra rent money. Man, the extra rent money was awesome.

Sketch a Day, Day 42

Today’s sketch is of my other sister-in-law, Allison. She is the baker of the house, providing us with tasty treats and delicious breads on a pretty constant basis. Hurray for Alby! Also, she got us a lovely weekend trip to a bed and breakfast for our anniversary this coming weekend, so she is the bestest of sisters-in-law.

She has a hat!