#2140 – Rinse and Repeat


I went to the doctor on Thursday and got my ear rinsed out. Apparently I didn’t have an ear infection or swimmer’s ear, like the doctor at the walk-in clinic told me, but rather just a whole heckuva lot of earwax crammed in there. It was super gross but very satisfying to be able to hear again.

#2139 – Grandad

comic2139.jpgSo my grandfather, who has dementia and bad knees, took a bad fall while we were visiting last weekend. He bruised himself pretty badly, and we ended up calling an ambulance to come take him to the emergency room to have his hip looked at. It was just bruised, nothing broken, but he’s been quickly declining since then, and the dementia appears to be getting worse. My grandmother told me today that she’s taking him to an assisted living facility in town, While I’m glad she’s doing it – this has been very hard on my grandmother, and she can’t really take care of him on her own – it’s leaving me feeling sad. I know, logically, that my grandparents won’t live forever, but I kinda hoped maybe they would.