#2110 – Summer Plans


So many plans, laid to ruin by my desire to nap all day.

#2109 – School’s (Almost) Out


While my last day was yesterday, Michelle’s wasn’t until today, so I had to get up early on my first day of summer break and take her to work. Boo.

#2105 – Gail Simone!


I went to All Star Comic Con in Tyson’s Corner this weekend and met Gail Simone! She was absolutely lovely, and I actually didn’t say “Kaiju taint.” I didn’t really say much at all, honestly, because my natural shyness took over and I clammed up. But she signed a couple of books for me, and I got a picture with her, so I’m calling it a win.

Also, if you don’t understand the “Kajiu taint” reference, I heartily recommend following Gail on Twitter. It’s an experience.