#1393 – All Natural

My doctor seriously went on a spiel about how wheat and other grains are “unnatural” and how our bodies weren’t designed for them, and how humanity is the only species that continues to consume milk products after infancy. Then he handed me two prescritptions for medications that I’m pretty sure aren’t very natural, either.

And honestly, doing unnatural things is sorta mankind’s whole deal. We cook our meat. We wear clothes. We zoom around in a metal box at 60 miles an hour. None of that crap is natural, yo. We’ve been eating grains since the Neolithic Revolution, so I think we can all agree that maybe it works out okay and wheat isn’t the problem with society’s current health crisis.

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#1392 – We Shall Overcome

Several years ago, I worked at the lest school I’ve ever encountered. The problem wasn’t the students; despite their emotional struggles, the kids were pretty easy to deal with. No, the trouble came from above. The administration were not supportive of the teachers, and one administrator in particular – the curriculum coordinator, my direct supervisor – was the absolute worst. We butted heads constantly throughout the year I worked there, and I was glad to see the end of that year. I gladly burned my bridges with that place. Sadly, she wasn’t standing on an of them at the time.

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#1390 – Fun Run

It’s true! During my daily three-mile walk on Thursday, I managed to run an entire mile.my legs did not actually fall off. Or, if they did, I’m walking around on some impressive stumps now.

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#1389 – Folky Guitar Gods

Emily and I played an open mic night Wednesday night! It was fun, though a bar maybe isn’t the right venue for our brand of strummy, folky goodness. Maybe a nice coffee house next time.

And it’s open mic, not open mike. You don’t spell it mikrophone, and we are not performing some sort of open-heart surgery one guy named Mike.

#1387 – A House in New Orleans

Dylan history! And yes, I am one of about five people who actually saw Masked & Anonymous. It was…not very good. But the songs Dylan and his road band performed in it were pretty sweet.

I’m sure the two songs I mentioned – the electrified “House of the Rising Sun” and the acoustic “I’ll Remember You” (originally off Empire Burlesque, where 1985 production values sucked a lot of the beauty out of the tune) exist out there in the Internet. If you happen to find either of them, let me know!