#1058 – Buy My Book Redux

It’s true! A printed edition collecting Missing Person and Hazzard Pay is available right now at this very link! And, if you noticed, I also posted a link to a giveaway promotion I’m currently running. Click here to enter that.


Book Giveaway!

Hey, folks, I’ve finally created a print version of my first two ebooks, Missing Person and Hazzard Pay, all as a single dead trees collection!  And I’m doing a giveaway for it!

The rules are simple: you have to live in the US (sorry, people in the rest of the world!), be at least 18 (sorry, minors!), and follow me on Twitter (@XEYeti).  Follow this link, and if you’re one of the entries picked, you’ll get a free physical copy of the book!  It’s that simple!

And, hey, if you don’t win the free copy, you can always just buy a copy.

Good luck!

#1055 – Hopper

We babysat the nephew Sunday afternoon. He does, indeed, hop a bit instead of crawl. He also enjoys it when you try to eat his spine. I dunno, babies are weird.