Sketch a Day, Day 570


We have several small storage ottomans in our living room. The Wife has claimed all of them for her area and arranged them around herself, forming – as she put it – her own Ottoman Empire.

This might be why I married her.

Sketch a Day, Day 569


Started playing the new Tomb Raider game today. It’s pretty solid, but there are moments that are extremely painful to watch, I have to say. They really put Lara Croft through the wringer.

But then she gets a grenade launcher, so it kinda evens out.

Sketch a Day, Day 565


Been reading a lot of Daredevil lately. Loving Mark Waid’s run, and the two young ladies who run my local comic shop convinced me to check out the Bendis run (which has been, I’ll admit, pretty damn good, even if I still really don’t care all that much for Bendis). So yeah, Daredevil.

Sketch a Day, Day 562


Yesterday was graduation at the school where I teach. We had six students graduate this year, a fairly large graduating class for us (we are a very small school). Dressing up for graduation is difficult for me, to say the least. I am not a man given to dressing up.