They May Be Late, But They’re Still Comics!

Here’s my haul from last week. It was a DC week, that’s for sure:

Detective Comics #861: Like many, I was concerned about the departure of J.H. Williams III from this title, but his replacement – Jock – does a great job. Sure, it’s not as awesome as Williams’s work, but it’s still pretty damn nice. Jock’s style has a cartoony, angular feel to it that really works, and Rucka’s setting up an interesting story to go along with it. And, of course, there’s the Question backup feature continues to just work, man. It may not be the most original story, but there’s nothing wrong with a comic that’s just fun.

Batman and Robin #7: It may not feature much Robin, but it does feature Knight and Squire, the Batman and Robin of England. Cameron Stewart’s art is absolutely fantastic, ranking up there with Frank Quitely’s work on the first arc. Stewart’s grasp of storytelling and pacing is spot-on, and the story is intriguing and really pulls the reader in (much more so than the second arc of the book did). Definitely looking forward to what Morrison and Stewart do with the next issue.

Wonder Woman #40: The start of a new, pretty damn creepy story arc, some insight into Etta Candy, and a move away from the other Amazons and all the craziness that’s been happening on Themyscira. Also, there was the whole Twitter debacle where some idiot gender studies guy got all up in her grill about being “unfeminine” because she had Wonder Woman make a comment about taking care of something as “doing the dishes.” But, as per usual, great comic.

No new trades this week, though I did pick up the old JLA: A Midsummer’s Nightmare trade, which was a precursor to the fantastic Grant Morrison JLA run.