#857 – Couch Camo


Young Valerie, like so many other people, enjoys napping on our couch. Trouble is, the purple blanket we keep in the living room matches the couch almost exactly, making it difficult to see someone who is wrapped up in it.

#852 – Tacky


Back in 1992, I went to a friend’s birthday party. One of his presents was a tape of Weird Al Yankovic’s Off the Deep End, and we must have listened to that thing a half dozen times over the course of that night.

My other touchstone to Weird Al came from the Dr. Demento Show on the radio. I remember hearing the world premiere of the Japanese version of “Jurassic Park,” sitting up late at night in my bedroom.

I kinda drifted away from Weird Al in college and graduate school. I went through this phase where I thought music had to be serious and somber. I heard some of his stuff, but it didn’t connect with me as well, possibly because I wasn’t familiar with the songs he was parodying. I didn’t listen to rap, wasn’t familiar with the biggest songs on the radio.

And then I downloaded Mandatory Fun Tuesday morning. It’s everything you want in a Weird Al album. And I’m old enough to admit I enjoy fun music again.

And that video for “Tacky” is a slice of absolute brilliance.