#955 – Pot o’ Gold


Meredith and I have an ongoing battle over a particular pot. She likes to use it for mac n’ cheese, while I prefer to use it for popcorn.

I’m 95% sure Michelle doesn’t actually use it to bathe the cats.

#952 – White Girl Sway


It’s not that I want to tell people how they have to enjoy their concert experience, but if everyone else in the section is sitting, and you’re at the front of the section you don’t stand up for the whole damn concert. It’s just basic concert etiquette.

Go buy my book. Don’t lie and say you already have; I have access to purchasing statistics.

#951 – Plans


Hey, my novella can still be purchased here, in case you’d forgotten. There are, in theory, some 750 of you. If even just 10% of you bought it, that’d be pretty sweet.

#950 – Shameless Self-Promotion


It’s true! I self-published my first novella, Missing Person, on Friday! It’s available for the Kindle (and its app) for the low, low price of $0.99! You can get it here! Please do, and share the link with your friends! So many exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!